Signature Fine Art Portraits

Since 2006 I have worked hard to develop my own style. Turns out, I tend to have a flair for the dramatic :)

My signature fine art portrait sessions are included with every wedding. They represent my attempt to provide breathtaking and scenic photographs of the bride and groom. These sessions are typically conducted at dusk, when the skies and clouds are their most vibrant and beautiful. The goal is to capture memories and moments of you both, alone, away from the rest of your family and wedding guests, with the gorgeous backgrounds, hill countries, and skies that are Texas. My hope is that these photos are the ones that will grace your living room walls, the ones that represent the pinnacle of your wonderful night together as well as the height of your emotion and love toward each other.

There aren't many photographers in Austin that have this particular skill. Most wedding photographers shoot in a naturally light environment, usually during the day, and they're simply not skilled at using advanced off camera flash equipment or don't have the visualization to produce these kinds of photographs. I am grateful that I am known around Austin for my lighting, and I'm proud that I've developed a following who recognizes this talent in me.

Below is a gallery representing some samples of past sessions.