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11-21-15 Patrick, Lyndsey and Iris11-07-15 Carlotta and Jesse at Camp Lucy10-31-15 Analisa and Todd10-17-15 Lesley and Benjamin09-26-15 Annie and Jeff at Chateau Bellevue09-06-15 Amanda and Martin at Chapel Dulcinea08-29-15 Annie's Bridal session at La Chateau Bellevue08-15-15 Sarah and Hunter at Tejas Hall08-02-15 Annie and Jeff engagement session07-25-15 Chris and Claire07-25-15 Carlotta and Jesse engagement session07-04-15 Gabrielle and Clint at Terrace Club-photos06-20-15 Kelly and Josh at Carnley House06-07-15 Amanda and Martin Engagements at Auditorium Shores05-16-15 Sarah and Randall at Lois Perkins Chapel05-15-15 Kat and David at Amala Foundation04-18-15 Sarah Bridal Shoot at Lois Perkins Chapel04-12-15 Cally and Elliott Engagements03-29-15 Jourdan and Jonathan Engagements03-21-15 Candice and Blake at Fischer Hall03-14-15 Kristen and Brian and Flying T Ranch03-07-15 Corey and Jeff Family Photos02-21-15 Casey and Ron Engagements01-19-15 Shirley and Jose at Mercury Hall